Petey will eat anything! If there's a treat, he wants it. Petey loves Ellie and though they can't be out at the same time, they love to play through the bars. (Ellie gets too aggressive otherwise).


Mouse only wants a head scratch every so often, but he'll talk your ear off about how he's a "Pretty Pretty Boy". He has a fake cough and a fake sneeze that he's perfected. Mouse lives with Gracie in the Flower Room.


Ellie is a mischievous African Grey Parrot. She loves cardboard boxes (she destroys at least 2 a week!) and she has a tendency to sneak up and nip your shoes. Her favorite noise is "Woo!"

Our Animals

Just a few of our more photogenic animals - but by no means all of them!


Talk about a come-back! This Ring-Neck Parakeet has quite the story to tell. When she came to us, she only had feathers from her neck up (right around the 'Ring" for which she is known). With love and affection and the help of her favorite cage accessory, her mirror, Mica grew all her feathers back. Now, she sits on her perch and sings something that sounds a lot like "I'm a pretty pretty bird, pretty pretty bird!" (Mica is pictured with Megan, whom she loves).


This Senegal parrot is a very silly girl. She is best friends with Ashleigh and will call to her. She also likes to swing on her rope swing, dance, and thinks her friends might want to share her lunch...after she's already eaten it.


Bic lives in the workroom where we design our arrangements. She is quite the talker - asking for cookies, telling the dogs to "go lay down", starting a sing-a-long, calling for a man named Bill, and she is even known to imitate cats and crows. Bic is usually seen walking around the store like one of the dogs. She's very good at not getting stepped on.


Beakman is a slender-bill conure, but he's really more beak than bite. He rattles his cage in the morning and demands to roam free. Beakman has a belly laugh that few have heard but is rumored to be hilarious. His favorite activities are chasing men around the bird room and bathing in dog dishes.

Bridgette (Bea)

Bea is our pint-sized terrier mix with a lot of attitude. Don't let her big brown eyes fool you - despite what she may tell you we do actually feed her on a regular basis. However, most of the time, Bea can be found dancing on her hind legs for treats!


Pepper is one of our most talkative birds. She doesn't say many words, but the few she knows, she likes to repeat. She can say "Hello" in more voices than anyone we know! And just try to out-whistle her. She's even been known to say "Pretty bird" and "Polly want a cracker", but she only likes to talk to kids!


Gracie is very quiet, affectionate, and she's always looking for a man to cuddle with. She puffs up her happy cheek feathers and waits for love. Gracie lives with Mouse in the Flower Room.


A slow and steady fixture of the store, Humphrey is often found roaming with a balloon tied to his back, so he doesn't sneak up on anybody. Humphrey loves grape tomatoes, strawberries, and prickly pear. He chases the color red. Humphrey has doubled in size since we got him a few years ago. Imagine how big he will get!

The Guinea Pigs

Willow and Gus Gus and their two babies, Jenny and Elvis are our squeaky little furry friends. They love Parsley and Carrots and anyone who brings them treats!


This silly girl is best known for her hairstyling! Her favorite thing is to comb through our hair with her beak. To each their own!


Just call him John Wayne. Sammy is the sheriff of the bird room. He walks around with the swagger of a cowboy, making his presence known. He's got a weak spot for a good pistachio. Though he came to us from drug abusive owners, he is very well adjusted these days.


Don't call him a sidekick! Though Oscar has a tendency to follow Sammy around, he's got an agenda of his own when he sees a nice juicy piece of watermelon. Oscar is afraid of most people because of a rough upbringing, but he loves making new bird friends.


Joe had a pretty difficult life before we met him. He has a broken wing, but that won't prevent him from showing off his beautiful colors when he meets someone he likes. Joe isn't a man of many words, but when he wants your attention, he'll be sure to say "Come here!"

Captain and Winter

These guys are the greeting committee! They're often found lounging around in the front of the store like big fluffy rugs. But don't let their size scare you, these are two of the happiest, sweetest dogs in the world! Both are trained therapy dogs who love doing their job, making people happy!


She's not actually as angry as she looks! We promise! Dede was rescued from an industrial dumpster where she had been thrown away at just a few months old and already pregnant with kittens. She is very grateful for her indoor life at the store. Dede is a very sweet cat, always looking for a good chin scratch or a nice towel to lay on. And if you've got some important paperwork, she'll be happy to sit on that too!


Olive was our very first parrot here at the store. She's been through a lot in her life, and sometimes she gets a little upset, so if you hear her yelling, she's just letting off a little steam! Most of the time she's hanging out with her friends Joe and Morgan, chatting up a storm. Her favorite word is Aflack and she loves to sing -- (she's just not very good at it!)


Morgan is a total goofball. She's the most outgoing, silliest bird we have and she loves to meet new people. Morgan loves playing peek-a-boo and getting tickled by Allison. She also makes up her own new words by putting together sounds that she likes.


Harry is a Cape Parrot. He is a sweet boy with several missing toes from before he came to live with us. Harry fell in love with Allison as soon as he got here. He likes to whisper when he gets excited.



Sadly, Popeye was a wild-caught amazon parrot. He is quite old, and spends most of his day hanging out with his best friend Harry. When Harry leaves, Popeye calls to him. He also likes to sing.


Our newest Macaw is also our youngest. Azure's owner passed away and had no where to go. He has been acclimating to his new life at the store and is un-learning some very negative behaviors. Azure can be very sweet and we are excited to see him grow. 


Peaches is a Bourke's Parakeet. She loves to eat millet. She is a sweet mild mannered bird. She has been with us many years.